Paula Kohan

Paula is a 29-year-old actress and singer. She received the 2012 Martin Fierro Award for Best New Actress on TV. She is a graduate of National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts (IUNA).

On TV, she is currently shooting the upcoming tv series "Guapas", for Channel 13′s. Recently, she praised for her role as a special guest in local Channel 13’s hit TV comedy "Solamente vos" and Channel 9′s "Santos pecadores", as well as in "Viejo verde", a TV Special for channel Telefe.

In Telefe’s daily series“El elegido”, Paula portrayed Gigi, a role for which she was awarded the Martin Fierro as Best New Actress. In 2011, she co-starred alongside Fabian Vena in an episode of America TV’s “La primera vez que me animé”, and starred in an episode of cable network INCAA TV’s“Adictos”(Addicted). She also developed, starred and produced one of Argentina’s first web series, "Buscando a no se quién”, distributed by and sponsored by Terra/Telefonica.

Her recent film credits include:
- "Tenemos un problema, Ernesto"(Director: Diego Recalde). Co-starring female role. Feature aimed at film festivals.
- "Boca de pozo" (Director: Simón Franco). Co-starring role. Feature aimed at film festivals.
-"Solo para dos" (Director: Roberto Santiago). Co-production Pampa Films and Spain.
- "La vida anterior" (Director: Ariel Broitman), where she played a dual role, of singer and actress, alongside Elena Roger.
-"Familia para armar" (Director: Edgardo González Amer). Starring Norma Aleandro. - “El vagoneta”(Director: Maxi Gutiérrez).

On stage, this season Paula will be part of the production “Mujeres ardientes”, at Buenos Aires’ San Martin Theatre, under the direction of Alejandro Tantanian. In previous years, she stood out in Javier Daulte’s “Baraka”, with Dario Grandinetti, Jorge Marrale, Juan Leyrado and Hugo Arana, a role for which she was honored with a 2010 Estrella de Mar Award as Best New Actress. She also joined the cast of Guillermo Cacace’s “Cita a ciegas”. Other plays in which she had participated were Alicia Zanca’s“Prueba de amor”, Guillermo Cacace’s“Tartufo, un impostor”and Franco Battista’s“Las criadas”.

In 2013, she took over the artistic direction for MuaA! + Candelaria Tinelli, a fashion campaign for the teen clothing brand MuaA!, inspired by Candelaria Tinelli’s paintings. Her overall duties for the campaign included its design, visual development and launching event.

Paula has studied Acting with some of the most renowned masters: Julio Chávez, Guillermo Cacace, Alicia Zanca, Hugo Midón, Marcelo Savignone, Ricardo Bartis and Nora Moseinco, among others. She is currently taking singing lessons with Susana Rossi, and has previously studied with Marcelo Velasco Vidal, Mirta Arrúa Lichi, Ricardo Catena (Opera Singing), Sandra Guida and Julio Panno (Repertoire) and Hernán Kúttel (Musical Comedy). She is a graduate of Hugo Midon’s Rio Plateado Drama School.